Cleaning and Laundry

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16pc Cloth Peg Set 16pc Cloth Peg Set GV-16   More Info > 
20Pegs Clothes Dryer/ClipHead 20Pegs Clothes Dryer/ClipHead SC1504C   More Info > 
Bamboo Hamper Bamboo Hamper DYZ10206B   More Info > 
Basin (Large) Basin (Large) ST532   More Info > 
Basin (Medium) Basin (Medium) ST531   More Info > 
Basin (Small) Basin (Small) ST530   More Info > 
Basin Rect. 39x31x11cm Basin Rect. 39x31x11cm M3070   More Info > 
Basin tub 36cm (Small) Basin tub 36cm (Small) Y10-1SB0040   More Info > 
Basin Tub 56cm(Medium) Basin Tub 56cm(Medium) HF-3396   More Info > 
Basin Tub 64cm (Large) Basin Tub 64cm (Large) HF-3398   More Info > 
Bra Hanger Bra Hanger XH-9115   More Info > 
Brush 2Pcs Brush 2Pcs HX2227   More Info > 
Cloth Dryer 16 Pegs Cloth Dryer 16 Pegs 301   More Info > 
Cloth Line 20M PVC Cloth Line 20M PVC 103   More Info > 
Clothes Dryer 12peg Clothes Dryer 12peg 112H   More Info > 
Clothes Dryer 18Peg/ Clip Head Clothes Dryer 18Peg/ Clip Head SC1511   More Info > 
Clothes Hanger 6pcs 43cm Clothes Hanger 6pcs 43cm SC1104A/6   More Info > 
Drain Opener/Plunger Drain Opener/Plunger GV-1   More Info > 
Dust Pan Set Mini Dust Pan Set Mini HV010   More Info > 
Dust Pan Set Tall Dust Pan Set Tall TM45   More Info > 
Feather Duster 14 Feather Duster 14" M18   More Info > 
Feather Duster 25 Feather Duster 25" M17-(FD818)   More Info > 
Floor Brush w/Thick Thread Floor Brush w/Thick Thread HV212   More Info > 
Garbage Bags 80x100cm(120L) 10pc pack Garbage Bags 80x100cm(120L) 10pc pack JB0632B   More Info > 
Handy Wipe 6Pcs Handy Wipe 6Pcs 9564   More Info > 
Laundry Bag Wooden Frame Laundry Bag Wooden Frame 104020   More Info > 
Laundry Basket (fabric) Laundry Basket (fabric) D1908   More Info > 
Mop Bucket With Drainer Mop Bucket With Drainer S238   More Info > 
Nylon Duster 60cm Nylon Duster 60cm M133   More Info > 
Nylon Rope 20M Nylon Rope 20M HH23-20   More Info > 
Peg Basket Peg Basket M363   More Info > 
Plastic Bucket Big (Prints) Plastic Bucket Big (Prints) GV-2   More Info > 
Shower Squeegee Shower Squeegee M45   More Info > 
Storage/Cloth Hanger Storage/Cloth Hanger 8299   More Info > 
Sweep Brush Long Handle W/B Sweep Brush Long Handle W/B 2572   More Info > 
Turnable Cloth Hanger 4pcs Turnable Cloth Hanger 4pcs PN742x4pc   More Info > 
Turnable Cloth Hanger 6pcs Turnable Cloth Hanger 6pcs PN742   More Info > 
Twist mop Twist mop GC-9   More Info > 
Washing Bag 40x50cm Washing Bag 40x50cm M68   More Info > 
Wooden Peg 24Pcs Wooden Peg 24Pcs 6666   More Info > 

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